Little Things You Do To Lose Clients

We know you don’t need reminding, but hey, maybe it’s one of those days, so we’ll refresh you – Clients are the backbone of our industry! They’re the reason we get up and do what we love every day. You’ve worked so hard to fill your books with these lovely faces. But, we’ve got some bad news. A good client can get lost quick if you’re doing any of these things. Don’t worry, though! We’ve listed them out for you and included suggestions to nip these habits in the bud. 

  • Forget to greet clients. When they don’t receive a warm welcome, they feel like anything but a guest you’re happy to see. A warm welcome isn’t just walking up and saying, “Hey, come on back.” It’s using their first names, telling them hello, and saying you’re glad to see them! Don’t make them wonder if they’re just another person to serve before you clock out. Don’t make them feel like you’re doing them a favor by seeing them either. They’re doing YOU a favor by keeping your books filled, your bills paid and keeping you doing what you love! 
  • Don’t offer them a place to put their purse.  You know how important your purse is. Your clients feel the same about theirs! They can’t just awkwardly throw it on the floor by your chair, hoping they don’t open it up later and find piles of cut hair inside. Give them a safe place in sight for them to stash their things while you work your magic. Little things like this add up to the overall experience. Remember, you want to treat them like guests in your home! Work is a lot like a second home, so carry your same home hospitality to work for your clients. 
  • Disregard basic hospitality. You want your clients to feel at home. It’s always kind to offer your guests a drink. Maybe they were thirsty the drive over and looking forward to feeling refreshed, or maybe they need a caffeine pick-me-up. This goes back to item No.1. You need to ensure they know you’ve been looking forward to their visit all day and you truly appreciate them taking time to see you. 
  • Leaving your station a mess. This one is Beauty School 101. A client will be uncomfortable sitting by leftover hair and hoping they don’t mistakenly stick their arm in the hair color left behind from the last guest. If your client doesn’t feel clean, then she won’t feel beautiful. Period. 
  •  Bring your bad day to work. Most people are hypersensitive to the energy of others. When you’re serving guests, you need to direct your focus only to them and give them the best experience. Don’t dwell on chores you didn’t complete at home, an argument with a loved one or financial woes. Those worries are for after-work hours. Don’t lay your personal problems on your clients in conversations. It’s never pleasant for a guest to have to play life coach to their stylist. It can put them off to where they see their visit with you as more of a chore than a treat.
  • Rush their services. If you’re running behind, there are graceful ways to hurry. Don’t be messy or jerky with their hair, nails, or skin. Be gentle, even if you’re working a little more hurriedly than usual. Don’t let them know you’re running late or you’re in a hurry because this goes back to making them feel like an inconvenience. 
  • Don’t tell them when to come back. No invitation to come back could be interpreted as “Hey, you don’t really matter that much to me. Thanks for your money. Buh-bye!” Let’s not do that. Always let them know when you’d like to see them next, 
  • Not being thankful for their presence. By this, I mean always thank them for spending part of their likely scarce and precious free time with you. Let them know you enjoyed seeing them, and you’re always delighted to see their name on your schedule. Thank them again, give them a date for their next visit, wish them a good day and tell them goodbye! 

If you think about it, we’re all professional customers to some place of business. Do us a solid and take a moment to reflect – What has a business done to make you feel like you’re important? What has a business done to make you feel like you’re just another number? Let us know what you come up with! 

Written by Tara Regan

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