Last-Minute Black Friday Promotions


Look out! One of the biggest, craziest, most profitable shopping days of the year is right behind you. Hello, Black Friday! This day-after-Thanksgiving always seems to sneak up on us while we’re busy working on our business, crafting new projects and growth and looking ahead to the New Year.

But all that kick-butt work ethic doesn’t mean you should miss Black Friday! The good news is it’s not too late in the game. There’s still time to plan a killer Black Friday promotion that’ll leave people talking. Here are some of our last-minute ideas to start your holiday season off with a bang. Even better news? Most of these can be used in any industry!

  • Promote your special a week in advance to build a buzz and give your clients time to plan – you want to be a stop on their shopping spree. Utilize instantly-available marketing avenues like social media, email lists and even phone calls or SMS alerts. Make the info festive, fun and factual.
  • Don’t automatically jump to mega-discounts across your whole store. Yes, discounts are delightful, but don’t discount just for the sake of a discount. You should only slash prices if there is a strategy behind it. Remember, you want to leave your business in better shape financially than before Black Friday. Are you operating with overflowing inventory? Then yes, a discount’s a fabulous way to free up the money you have tied up.
  • Add more value to a regularly-priced product or service. We’re talking a gift with purchase. Offer a complimentary service with the purchase of XYZ. This encourages clients to try products and services they wouldn’t normally consider.  It opens the door for them to come back for more. Even giving two for the price of one is a smart idea. The sales price will, at the very least, cover the cost of each item.
  • Give the purchaser of a gift card more bang for their buck. This could be a $10 bonus for every $50 gift card purchase. This move motivates the clients to go up in increments of $50 to reach the next milestone bonus. It’s a win-win for you and the folks you’re assisting.
  • Include a kind service. Present luxury gift-wrapping when XYZ is purchased. You want to make it hard for a customer to leave your place empty-handed – especially on a date notorious for deals and steals.

Remember, the type of clients who are die-hard enough to brave the early hours and cool temps are looking for a big bargain. You, of course, are happy to oblige, while knowing deal doesn’t always mean “discount.”

Still stuck on strategies to spruce up your Black Friday specials? Let us know, and like Black Friday, Felicity Marketing Studio can be right behind you to help.


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