Just Add Love- The Secret Ingredients for a Successful Salon Valentine’s Day

Here’s some feel-good news –

Successful (and happy!) beauty professionals often consider their clients to be like family. Wonderfully enough, those great clients feel the same way about their favorite salons and stylists. And there’s no better time to spend with “family” than during the holidays.

Not only is that family feeling responsible for warm and fuzzies for everyone involved, it also equals more holiday cash flow for those of us behind the scissors and scenes. In the beauty industry, it’s highly profitable to align our promotions with the different holidays sprinkled throughout the year.

These special days are built-in opportunities to create a festive atmosphere for your clients to enjoy and keep them coming back for more. With Valentine’s Day flying forward as fast as Cupid’s Arrow, we’ve compiled a list of lucrative ways to have the happiest (and most profitable) of heart days.

1.) Dress up your space

Inspire your clients to embrace that fun Valentine’s Day mood. Add hearts and other red, white and pink touches to your entire salon – including the retail area to encourage that lovey-dovey mindset to expand to sales. Use cheerful signs to remind them your products make great gifts for that someone special.

Create a festive custom service menu to get clients in that lovin’ feeling. Again, highlight services that are V-Day gift-worthy. These could be unique salon or spa service packages exclusive for Valentine’s Day. The bonuses here include lots of cross-selling and introducing those faithful customers to new services they’re going to love.

Don’t forget to send those Valentine’s Day vibes out past your salon as well! Jazz up your social media profiles to keep your clients excited and in-the-know. How exactly? Use holiday-specific cover photos, banners and profile pictures. Remember to promote all those great Valentine’s Day specials through those awesome digital platforms!

2.) Show some love

These clients are super special to us, right? Let them know by sending them on their way after their appointments with little Valentine’s Day gifts like goodie bags, product samples and of course, a great new look!

Add extra purchasing incentives like a sweet complimentary gift (chocolate is always a safe bet!) with each gift card purchased. Love is already in the air, so why not offer a wine tasting as a cherry on top? An event like this might involve a glass of wine with services for the night. Remember, we want the time our clients spending with us to be happy and rejuvenating.

Help a girl out with some pre-Valentine’s Day date night prep. Offer a promotion on Valentine’s Day weekend for clients to come in for the full treatment to feel beautiful and confident for the big night. Package hair, makeup, waxing and other great services you provide.

3.) Love your staff

Don’t forget to show some love for your team! After all, they’re a big part of this family you’ve crafted for yourself. Shout them out on your social media profiles and highlight all the reasons you love working with them.

Send them Valentine’s Day cards, bring in sweets or really anything to show them how much they mean to you – especially on the holidays.

4.) Get your crew involved

Two heads are always better than one. Do they have more ideas on how to spice up the salon for this month of love? We’re sure you’d love to hear it!

We hope this list gives you some inspiration to spread some holiday cheer with those family-like clients and see your efforts paid off both for your spirits and your profit.

Inspired? Do you have an idea for a custom promotion? We can help! We’ll design the perfect marketing materials for your salon!

Or check out our premade marketing material here!

Written by Tara Regan


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