Is Email Marketing Dead?

Is Email Marketing Dead?

Great question! We’re not going to tip-toe around the answer for this one – it’s definitely not dead! Email marketing is very much alive and healthy, and instead of listing the million and a half ways it’s essential for your business, we’re only going to share five. We’re all about short, sweet and to-the-point (just like your living, breathing emails should be!)

1.)  Email offers drive new customers to your business.
Cluing people in about your business by offering half off an item or any other outstanding offer is important to build up that client base. Sending an email out to potential customers is a wonderful way to first introduce them to your company and then hook them with an equally exceptional incentive to check you out.

2.) Email marketing is superb at showcasing promotions.
Got a great sale you’re super stoked about? Email hits your customers as soon as you press “send” and allows them to share in your excitement. Remember, like butter, good news is meant to be spread!

3.) Emails feel more personal to customers than social media.
Scrolling through Facebook, Instagram and Twitter at their own leisure can feel anything but personal for customers. But an email addressed to them makes the customer appreciative of that friendly gesture and more likely to buy into what that email is encouraging. Win-win!

4.)  Emails won’t get lost in the algorithms of social media, ensuring it reaches your audience.
It’s tricky to fight the ever-changing algorithms to get your posts seen by your audience on social media. Email is reliable since it’s all delivered in chronological order! You can rest assured that the right stuff is delivered to the right people.

5.)  Email marketing is a great way to save money on postage.
This one is kind of a no-brainer, but we’d be doing you a disservice if we didn’t share it. It costs little to nothing to send emails. Technology really is beautiful!

Convinced email marketing didn’t kick the bucket, but not sure how to implement it? Felicity Marketing Studio is eager to help you share how bold and beautiful your business truly is!

By Tara Regan


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