Is a Social Media Manager Even Worth the Money?

As a blossoming business owner, it’s all about doing the most with the least amount of money. As you continue to grow, you wonder where to spend or save when outsourcing responsibilities you don’t enjoy or excel at.

Some of those hirable titles are no-brainers. Accountant? Absolutely! Receptionist? That will completely revolutionize your work day! Social media manager? Hmm….is that too frivolous? Is a social media manager even worth it when posting on social media is just so simple?

Buckle in, kick it in drive and let’s go explore the reasons against hiring someone to be in control of your likes, shares and follows.

Enjoy working tirelessly to come up with new content ideas during your already-busy workday? Then a social media manager isn’t for you.

Prefer just a small audience seeing your irrelevant posts they don’t even take the time to read? Then don’t worry about hiring outside help.

Refuse to work with the science and strategy behind social media marketing in order to get better results? Then nix that “frivolous” Facebook, Instragram and Twitter employee.

Do you try (and fail) to post consistently, leaving your audience to wonder if you’re still in business? “Social Media Manager” who?

OK! Now stick that car in park and come on out for the moral of the story: Unless you’re a digital marketing guru with oodles of free time, you need a social media manager.

Followers definitely recognize when your posts are merely an afterthought. If you’re throwing up random posts with no purpose, no meaningful caption or positive intention behind them, it results in your posts seen less. The key to your posts showing up in followers’ feeds is a high level of post engagement (likes, comments, shares, etc.) The more engaging your posts are, the more often the social media platforms allow your posts to be visible.

Just posting photos of your work and asking for sales isn’t going to cut it. You need to post with your audience in mind, and share useful, helpful and inspirational uploads. Is posting on social media something you scramble to do at obscure hours of the day when your audience might not even be online? If you’re posting during unpopular user activity times, your post reach will be ranked lower, with fewer people seeing your information. If you forget to post something for weeks on end, the inconsistency damages your brand’s image.

Maybe you like to keep the mystery going? Maybe you like keeping your followers on their toes and forever playing the guessing game if you’re still in business. They can forget about you for weeks on end in the absence of a post and then BAM! You catch them off guard and overwhelm them with 12 posts all at once, resulting unfollows and a shrinking audience.

There’s a lot more science and strategy behind social media management. Your success in digital marketing reaches far beyond simply sharing images every once in a while. Each step in the process is a carefully calculated move.

If you don’t have the time or talent to craft that carefully calculated move (and really, who does?) then hiring a social media manager is a must. Without a strong social media presence, your company goes unnoticed and unappreciated. We know you work hard, so the digital world needs to know that too.

Written by Tara Regan


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