How to Promote a Killer Event for your Beauty Business

Hey, you blossoming businessperson! How many boxes have you checked in your self-owned business journey? Website? Check. Healthy customer base? Check. Survived your first tax season? Check.

What about promoting your first business event? Che…well, not so much. Don’t sweat it. We’ve got some tried-and-true tips on how to endorse your special professional occasion.

Network with other local businesses to set up a collaboration.

This will allow you both to cross-promote your businesses to a new audience and grow your clientele! It’s the true definition of a win-win scenario. If other businesses would like to opt out of participating, ask if they’ll allow you to place a flyer in their store to get the word out.

Nail down some customer incentives.

What are the reasons people want to attend? Giveaways? Prizes? Learning opportunities? Make sure to highlight the motives people might want to come and include these as the focal point of the event on all your marketing material.

Design a flyer for local community pin boards.

Although we think digital marketing is queen, there’s something to be said for some good old print advertisements. Take an afternoon and pin your flyers at the gym, daycares, local restaurants, doctors’ offices and anywhere else you think your shindig could get some walk-by traffic.

Create a social media event page.

This should include the “who, what, when, where and why” along with dress code and any other guest need-to-knows. Encourage everyone to RSVP and share your event page.

Email blast to current and potential clients.

This correspondence should include all the event details and you can even attach that delicately-designed flyer you worked so hard on.

Depending on how big your budget is, rent a billboard.

Imagine all the drivers who’d look up at that big sign of yours! Sometimes it’s more affordable to even consider sharing billboard ad space with another business in town.

Start a social media countdown.

Make it exciting! Make it a big deal! Have a live countdown to boost your affair. Film videos of all the behind-the-scenes event planning. Viewers will love seeing how hard you worked to put all this excitement together for them.

Take plenty of videos and photos of your big day.

This way, you can showcase the excitement and use it to bolster future bashes. Plus, people like to see themselves having a good time.

Inspired yet? In case you need a few more tips on how to rock your killer event, we’re here for you. Let us know what you need and Felicity Marketing Studio can help you check that box.


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