Better Off Branded

What is branding and tell me how to do it, please!

It’d be our pleasure. The concept of branding is super simple, but that doesn’t mean it can’t give you super results! In a nutshell, branding establishes your reputation and the impression clients get from your company. It’s all about standing out from the competition so those clients pick you.

Branding is a quick glimpse into who YOU are as a company.

It’s something that says to new clients, “Hey! Check us out. We’re perfect for you!” and reminds returning clients, “Hey! You know us. You know what we’re about and we’re always going to give you top-notch services!” This special type of marketing’s purpose is to establish a unique and significant presence in the market.

A cohesive, professionally-executed brand allows customers to recognize and trust you as a company. It’s that trust that keeps people coming back for more. A successful brand will always amount to a successful company every time.

So, now that you’re firmly onboard the branding wagon, how can you do it yourself?

First and most importantly, decide on your brand’s style. Stuck? Think about it this way: What message do you want your brand to get across to potential customers? What’s your vibe? Is it feminine? Edgy? Futuristic? Modern? Mull over what type of experience you want associated with your company.

Next, pick out your color scheme. Here’s where things can get fun and creative. A good color scheme shows the emotions you want your brand to evoke from potential clients. Remember the paragraph above about brand style? If you go with a feminine style, then your color scheme would have lots of pinks and soft pastels. Feeling edgy? Pick stark contrasting colors like black and red.

Got colors down? Now move onto typography. This fancy word is just the font selection you choose that falls in line with your brand image. Remember, brand image is the overall picture of your style. It’s those feelings you want people to associate with your company. Font can help you communicate the tone you wish to get across. For example, if you’re going for a sophisticated and old-timey feel, then a cursive font would be ideal.

By now, you’ve got your color scheme and your typography good to go. You’ll want to combine aspects of both to create your logo. A logo is an image you select to speak for your brand. An expertly-branded logo conveys who you are and what you’re about through colors, font and imagery. It should be obvious and helpful to anyone interacting with it.

Once you’ve got those four ingredients (style, color scheme, typography and logo), you’re on your way to cooking up an identifiable and successful brand!

Next step is implementation. It’s best to keep all of your marketing on-brand. From your website, social media profiles, business cards, email campaigns, service menus, mailers, and even product labels, always stick to the brand.

Let us leave you with this. The goal here is for customers to become familiar with your brand and associate you with your industry. Companies with strong brand identities are considered more trustworthy. With one quick glance at your marketing material, a customer should recognize you and want to put their trust in you.

Want some more help? That’s why we’re here, so give us a shout.

Felicity Marketing Studio would be more than happy to get your brand up and going and enjoy watching you reap the rewards.

Happy branding!

Written by Tara Regan

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